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Quality machines. Cost-effective.

Used platform

Ready to optimise your farm with innovative dairy solutions? Looking for high-quality automation equipment at a great value? Our used machines offer the operational efficiency you need, at prices that work for your business. Want a partner who understands your daily routines and challenges? Then Lely Used is the solution. Your local Lely Center will walk you through the sales process and advise you on choosing the best pre-owned equipment for your farm.

Pre-owned Lely, made easy.

Want to improve the efficiency of your farm with automation? Simplify your efforts with our used equipment.


Who says you need new equipment to get the best results? Pre-owned machines can bring more efficiency to your farm, at an attractive price. Our high inspection and maintenance standards guarantee an extended lifetime on equipment.



Our used Lely machines come with the same service you would expect when buying our new equipment. We provide complete aftercare on all of our pre-owned machines, including regular maintenance check-ups and 24/7 local service.


You need solutions that can support your farm’s growth. Lely machines are designed to help your business scale up. If you are already using Lely automation solutions, our pre-owned equipment will seamlessly fit with your current Lely system.

Machines that run like new, guaranteed

Seeking a fail-proof way to automate your daily operations? All of the certified pre-owned equipment in our Lely Taurus program come with the latest software updates and a one-year warranty. Need extra peace of mind? Taurus provides quality assurance scores and user ratings.

Our latest additions

Need help with anything?

Wondering which pre-owned machine is right for you? Could you use some expert advice on automating your dairy farm? Interested in selling equipment on Used Lely? Our team of knowledgeable field staff and technicians are always ready to lend a hand.